WebOS acquired by LG, who plans to use it in its Smart TV

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What was the worst thing to have happened to Palm OS, which later came to be known as WebOS ever, since it launched? It was when HP bought it. And now, WebOS gets a new life. It is confirmed that LG has now finally acquired the WebOS.

HP had acquired the Palm OS amongst much fanfare and a lot of hype and excitement was visible among people who expected HP to create some amazing devices. Apart from the TouchPad, which was a failure, the company did not show any interest to build anymore WebOS products, mobile or tablet, but to everyone’s surprise, HP open-sourced it. They completely stopped working and developing it anymore. But WebOS, it appears is no way near its end and seems to have got a new life, again.

CNET reports that, LG has acquired its source code, documentation, the people working on it, the WebOS Web sites, patents and the licenses to use WebOS in their future products. No financial details have been disclosed whatsoever.

Don’t be in a rush to assume that the LG Optimus or a different mobile line-up would carry the WebOS. Like all other manufacturer’s, they too are happy with Android. The company has very different plans for it. Apparently, LG intends to use the WebOS in LG Smart TV’s.  The President and chief technology officer of LG Electronics Inc., Skott Ahn says, “It (WebOS) creates a new path for LG to offer an intuitive user experience and Internet services across a range of consumer electronics devices.”.

This is not a new dimension for LG as they already have the LG Google TV. The challenge lies in recreating the OS and redesigning it for a 45/50” screen, without losing the original look and feel the OS was developed with.  LG also said that they will be working in their new LG Silicon Valley Lab alongside the WebOS offices which are located in San Jose and Chicago. The good news for the Palm OS users, if they still use it, is that LG said it is going to continue to provide support.

Source: CNET

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