Wallet: Samsung’s Passbook-like app for Android

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Samsungs knack for creating handsets resembling Apple’s iPhone is not secret. However, it is no more limited to hardware, now it has been successfully extended to software too.  Meet the all-new Wallet app by Samsung.

The application, more or less functions in a much similar way to Apple’s Passbook, which had Apple introduced in its event last year in June. The passbook app allows you to store your boarding passes, movie tickets, gift cards and sports event tickets. And it notifies you if you are at any of those places having a digital coupon for that event, where you can use those coupons. The Wallet practically does the exact same thing. The app was showcased by Samsung a day ago, the video of which you can see here.

Samsung has already partnered with Hotels.com and Walgreens, and are also in talks with others. They have provided an open API for the 3rd parties. As if the app functionality wasn’t enough, the icon designed for Wallet too is strikingly similar to Apple’s Passbook. Samsung sure knows that the comparisons are bound to happen which will reveal this, but somehow feels like they just don’t seem to care anymore. If anyone still thought Samsung’s methods would have changed after the lost battle to Apple last year, Samsung removes all the doubt anyone had, by releasing this app.

The good news for android users is that they won’t be devoid of the benefits that some apple users enjoy through passbook. They not only have an app that looks like it, but works like it too.  It is not known yet as to which Samsung devices (apart from high-end devices of course) will be supporting this application.

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