Windows Store crosses 50000 Total Apps mark

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The guys at Microsoft finally have something to cheer about in their Windows Store department. Windows store now consists of more than 50000 applications. It was reported by a site named MetroStore Scanner, which shows that there are 50,341 apps available to download, at the time of writing this post.

Of course it is not even close to Apple iTunes store which has more than 800,000 applications available for download or even Android for that matter.  It appears that after Apple and Android, the developers are finally taking interest in Windows apps as well. The app submission rate wasn’t too great since November last year for Windows Store, as reported by PC Mag, also adding that, the submissions dropped from 400 to meager 150 last month. However, things are finally looking good and since March, the submission has increased to 280 apps.

Microsoft had recently started a new campaign named, “Keep the Cash” for developers, stating they will pay $100 for each app a developer submits, each developer can submit up to 10 apps, the max payout for each developer would be $2000. The catch, however, is that the app has to be creative and based on a new idea. So the apps which look like an extension of existing or known app/game or whose idea is borrowed or inspired by other apps/game won’t be entertained. The developers have until 30th June this year to submit and their apps. Another bad news is that the campaign is only available for United States.

Twitter released their official app for Windows just a few weeks ago. There has been no word as to when Facebook plans to release their app. There are many apps which are not yet available for Windows Store. This might be a slow start but hopefully they too will start rolling out in the coming months.

Source – MetroStore Scanner

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  1. I think it’s a good idea and will drive innovation. I’m a little surprise that Microsoft didn’t specify an exclusivity period for the app

  2. Eh, I took a look at Windows 8 development after a long hiatus away from Windows, but decided it’s not worth it. The costs to a developer are pretty high, just the min hardware requirements, fees for MSDN, etc.

    So like other devs I decided not to pursue app dev on the new “green stack” from Microsoft.

    Android really does seem like the place to go. Re-using one’s Android patterns should pay off handsomely as that platform keeps spreading to new form factors and devices.

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