Skype touches 2 Billion minutes a day milestone

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Skype has announced on their blog that the users have now spent 2 Billion minutes over the application. It is available to download and use for PC’s, mobile phones, tablets, Mac, Kindle, etc. No wonder Skype remains to be one of the biggest VOIP applications being used. Users have now spent 33 million hours; 1,388,000 days and 3,805 years on it.

It was founded in 2003 by Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden who were also in same team who had founded the no longer active file-sharing application called Kazaa, which closed in 2012. eBay had originally bought the company in 2005 which they later on sold it too Microsoft in 2011.

Despite what many assumed and even believed, the adoption rate of Skype actually increased once they were bought out by Microsoft.  And over the years, Microsoft has nothing but improved the software in every possible way. Apart from Desktop, it is also available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Kindle, Mac, Windows Phone and separate application for Windows 8 with the Metro/Modern User Interface.

But things haven’t really been completely smooth for Skype. After Microsoft bought it, many people complained regarding the service and the costs. The issues notwithstanding, the new users keep on increasing and Skype, remains Microsoft’s one of the best and most beneficial investments. After shutting down the Windows Live services, Microsoft has also killed the Live Messenger and has had them (existing users) transferred to Skype. Skype allows you  to login with your Microsoft account ( / Skype also gives you the option to integrate your Facebook account.

However, if you are not a Skype fan and are seeking an alternative, you can have a look at VoxOx, ooVoo, Ekiga, Jitsi or if you are a Apple device user, you can also check Facetime and iMessage.

Check the Skype Infographic below.

Skype Infograph

Source: Skype

Feature Image & Infographic credit – Skype

Update (23/01/17) – Skype appears to have removed the blog consisting the infographic

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