Google Compute Engine now accessible to devs buying Gold Package

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There is no need to worry about the support if you are planning to sign up for the Google Compute Engine, a Google Cloud platform. Google recently announced that, “you no longer need an invitation or a conversation with sales to get access”.

Google Compute Engine now offers a signing up option. And with the Gold account, the developers will also be able to access the Google Computing Infrastructure. This means that you no more have to go through the pain of looking for an invitation from someone. The Gold account starts from $400 per month.


What is Google Compute Engine?


Google Compute Engine is a Google cloud platform. It is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which offers services similar to Amazon’s EC2. Google Compute Engine uses Linux virtual machine’s hosted on Google infrastructure as it uses KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) as its hyper-visor.

Google Compute Engine competes directly with Amazon’s cloud platform called EC2. Google Compute Engine was released about a year ago and it is only in its Preview mode, and has yet to offer a lot of services that Amazon does. However, Google Compute Engine comparatively offers a simple and easy to use API but is still in its evolving stage.


What does it offer?


There are 4 packages available; Bronze, which is a Free package offers only Documentation, White Papers, Best Practices Guides, Community forums, and Billing Support. Silver package starts from $150 per month which offers Architecture Support (Best Practice), a Target Initial Response Time of 4 business hours (subject to their T&C) for Priority 1 issues, Login access for 2 people to Support Portal and Break/Fix Tickets, these services along with the one offered in Bronze Package.

The Gold account provides various features along with the ones mentioned in Bronze and Silver package such as 24/7 support, Phone Support and Consultative Tickets. The Package starts at $400 per month. Gold and Platinum packages both offer Use-Case Specific Architecture Support.  And the last Package is Platinum which of course provides all services mentioned in Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you need Access to the Technical Account Management team, Platinum is the only package that offers that. As for its cost and quote, you have to get in touch with the Google Cloud or Google Compute Engine department.  You may check more details about the packages from official page here.

The official Blog by Google Enterprise also states that they have reduced prices for all instance types by an average of 4 percent. They say that they have now expanded the coverage for the Google Compute Engine, added new instances, have released many new features and have made a lot of improvements.

Source – Google

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