Yahoo adds more services to the list of apps shutting down

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Yahoo is shutting down some of its services which are not used by a lot of people in general. These services will be added to that list of other services/apps announced in March which are shutting down, in fact, some of them already have.

The Company has announced in official blog post that they will be shutting down some more services as they are nothing but just lying around with hardly any users. In the competitive internet world, every app in every genre has a stiff competition and investing more time and people on these services isn’t the smartest move. Some of these services are no more interesting enough for some users, while some services simply failed to make a mark. And now yahoo has no option but to shut it down. These services will no longer be active with effect from 30th April 2013.


Yahoo! Deals
It provides Local and Online Deals, Coupon codes. If you do use Yahoo Deals, you might want to save your coupons. Yahoo has provided an option for that which you can find here.


Yahoo! SMS Alerts
Yahoo is no more interested in sending you alerts through text messages. If you wish to check your horoscope, news, stock market, weather, sports alerts, etc., you will have to log on to Yahoo website directly.


Yahoo! Kids
Even if you are under 13, you will still be allowed to sign up for an ID to use Mail and Messenger among other services.


Yahoo! Mail and Messenger feature phone (J2ME) apps
Yahoo is also shutting down its Mail and Messenger apps for Java phone hoping that by now you have successfully and happily migrated to either iOS, Android or Windows phone.


Older versions of Yahoo! Mail
The Classic mail version will no longer be available from June 3rd 2013. You will be switched to the new version and if you are on an old browser or have a dial-up connection with slow internet speed, they will provide an HTML only or a Basic version of it.


The above services join the list of other services which have already shut down on 1st April. Those services include Avatars, App for BlackBerry, Clues (beta), App Search, Sports IQ, Message Boards website, Updates API. You may check the official blog here.

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