Tango extends its Messaging service to Mobile Gaming

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Amidst all the other cross-platform calling and messaging services are Skype, Viber, Google Voice & Video chat, WeChat, KakaoTalk, LINE, WhatsApp, Apple’s FaceTime & iMessage, and many others, Tango has not only somehow managed to stand its ground but also consistently grow.

But unlike other messaging companies, Tango doesn’t want to limit itself to just calling and messaging from the app. Tango has announced that it will now extend its messaging services to mobile gaming.

Tango introduced a new game for the App Store called Jetpack Jinx for Tango By Bubblegum Interactive and with it, Tango also introduces its own Leaderboard which manages your Achievements, for the games powered and supported by Tango. The service is an alternative to Apple’s very own Leaderboard and Achievements managing service, Game Center. Apart from Jetpack Jinx for Tango, the company has also partnered with another popular gaming company Gameloft for another game called Candy Block Breaker for Tango.

Eric Setton, Tango’s Chief Technology Officer spoke with VentureBeat about the new service, “There’s just a limited amount of things we can put into the app. We don’t want to be a limiting factor or a gate, or even kind of play a selection role in what’s going to work or not.”

Only Two months ago, had the company announced that Tango had surpassed 100 Million users which has now grown to 120 Million in in 212 countries. It is true that there was nothing new that the company could have done in the messaging service besides continuously improving the experience and maintaining it. The new service will not only help Tango gain new users but will also help the games with gaining the exposure.

Tango follows a two-week development cycle ever since it had surpassed the 100 Million users mark, and the new gaming service integration is also undoubtedly a result of it. About the two-week development cycle, the company says, “We’ve kind of managed to work this into the brain of every engineer working here; they’re used to the cycle, even at 120 people. The company keeps delivering on a number of things in a short time frame — it’s part of our culture, part of the DNA, and I don’t see that going away any time soon.”

Tango was Founded in September 2009, and is based in Mountain View, California. It is available to download and use on various platform and numerous device. Tango works on iPhones, iPod touch, iPads, Android phones, Windows Phone devices and Tablets and PC’s as well.

Source: VentureBeat

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