Flipboard launches web version, only user-created magazines for now

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Here’s some good news for Flipboard users, they will now be able to read their daily news from the Flipboard website as well. Flipboard will start rolling out the user-created magazines on the official website – Flipboard.com starting today. And by the end of this year and early next year, complete experience of the app will be available on the website.

Pulse, another famous news-reading and Flipboard’s competitor had also released its web version sometime in the mid-2012, along with some special features for Internet Explorer 10 partnering with Microsoft.

Mashable says, Flipboard has been busy testing different designs, including the news Layout and more importantly, the scrolling options. On the tablet and smartphones, users are able to “Flip” the pages to read the news. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue spoke with Mashable, where they discussed about the applications web version.  McCue said they have decided to go ahead with the paginated design which is found in its app for tablets. He said, “I think it’s the best way to navigate through large amounts of content quickly”. It will, however, lack some features for now, such as Liking and Commenting on a story. But that too will be taken care of in the future update. As for the reason why only user-created magazines are available for now, they say they find it easier to “roll out in pieces”.

Flipboard had initially launched as a tablet-only app in 2010, it was in-fact specifically designed only for iPad’s. They later on updated the app to support the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. It launched an app for Android phones only last year. The Windows version of the app was also announced in the Microsoft 2013 Build Conference but is yet to be released.

Flipboard is US based company in Palo Alto, California and was founded by Mike McCue and Evan Doll. The app was instant hit among news-reading users and has seen consistently grown since its launch. As of today, Flipboard has a user base of 75 million.

Source: Flipboard, Mashable

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