BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), is on its way for iOS and Android

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After re-branding the company and launching new phones along with the new mobile operating system (BlackBerry 10), next in their itinerary is the plan to launch their proprietary messaging service better known as BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), for non Blackberry phones.

It would be difficult to describe the public’s reaction to their recently launched phones as it mostly received mixed response, people and critics alike. The Canadian company is once again looking to get back in the race, mostly lead by Apple and Samsung at the moment, by making BBM available as a cross-platform messaging service, which was something no one though as possible during the better days that BlackBerry has seen.

Blackberry plans to release the Blackberry messenger for iOS and Android. Weird how Windows phone is not being considered, this makes me wonder if there are more BB10 phones out there or more of Windows Phone, between the two. Anyway, the company sees this as one of the ways how they would be able to reach wider audience and hopefully expand their user base. However, initially the iOS and Android BBM version will have limited features related to text messaging, not sure if voice call and video call over Wi-Fi can be expected at the moment, but it will definitely be available in the future update.

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If you would like to be the first one to try the BBM for your iPhone or Android device, you may sign up on their official page.

As and when BBM for iOS and Android launches, it will be competing with WhatsApp, which holds the top position with the user base of over 300 million active users as of this month. Other well-known and widely used cross platform messengers are Skype, MessageMe, WeChat, LINE, Trillian among others. Let’s hope this new venture helps Blackberry regain its lost position. We will let you know once the app launches, but make sure to sign up for the app on their official page if you wish for BBM on your device as well.

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