BBM for iPhone has been waiting in Apple’s queue for about 2 weeks

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BBM for iPhone would have been released by now, but thanks to the delay from Apple’s end, it is taking a bit longer than expected. A Blackberry representative very recently tweeted that BlackBerry has in fact submitted their BBM for iPhone app to Apple Two weeks ago and are still awaiting their reply.

It is a bit irregular on Apple’s part to an extent, as it is believed that Apple tells the developers that they mostly approve 99 percent of the apps within 5 business days. We fail to understand what possible reasons the remaining 1 percent of the apps could have that apparently Blackberry qualifies for.

Update: BBM for iPhone and Android have now been Officially released by Blackberry. You can download the BBM for iPhone from here, and BBM for Android from here.

Whatever the case maybe, it is obvious that BBM for iPhone availability is imminent and might be released in a week or two, unless Apple decides otherwise for unexplained reasons.

It was only about a week ago that Blackberry even started to provide sign-up forms for BBM for iPhone and Android to alert the users as and when BBM for them is released. And prior to that, they had also rolled out Beta invitees for BBM for iPhone and Android.

Now we know for sure that BBM will first be available for iOS users and then finally Android. We have no news on Android BBM availability as of now. But once BBM for iPhone is rolled out, Android shouldn’t really take more than few weeks.

Android, despite being the most widely used mobile operating systems in world is still not given first preference when any any big company plans to release an app. And sadly for Android users, BBM as it turns out, also happens to be one of those apps. Although not very long, hopefully, Android users will still have to wait a little while after BBM is available for iPhone. Not to forget, BBM will be competing with the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Skype and many other such apps on its release.

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