MoPub, a Mobile Advertising startup, acquired by Twitter for $350 million

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Twitter has announced they have acquired a Mobile advertising firm named MoPub. As the name suggests, MoPub is a mobile-focused advertising company. It mainly helps mobile publishers to manage their ad inventory on iOS and Android platform.

Neither Twitter nor MoPub have divulged any details about the amount that Twitter has paid, but according to TechCrunch, their reliable sources say that the amount was $350 million in stock. Twitter was one of the companies bidding for MoPub besides Millennial Media, another ad network firm.

In the world of Social Networking, Twitter has always been on top when it comes to Mobile, which is due to the fact that since its inception, Twitter’s focus has always been on mobile. Mobile Twitter provides ease of access, it is quick and most importantly it is mobile UI friendly. Twitter has already been generating a lot of revenue through their promoted tweets section among other ads related services. Twitter is one of the few social networking websites which engages more number of users from Mobile than from Desktop which is why this deal remains to an an important acquisitions that Twitter has made.

MoPub deal will help Twitter gain more revenue from its mobile platforms. However, MoPub also says that it will continue to work with multiple publishers under Twitter. While Twitter says that they will “continue to invest in and improve MoPub’s core business”. MoPub’s CEO Jim Payne spoke with TechCrunch, when asked how this deal with Twitter fits in, he compared the deal with Google’s DoubleClick deal and said they will provide the same level of scale and breadth to the Twitter as DoubleClick did for Google.

MoPub was founded by former AdMob and Google team members Bryan Atwood, Nafis Jamal, and Jim Payne who is the present CEO. The company is funded by Accel Partners, Harrison Metal Capital, Jafco Ventures, and others. MoPub has offices in San Francisco and New York City. The company has close to 100 employees who will also be moving to Twitter. MoPub’s other customers include WordPress, Flixster, Ngmoco, and OpenTable.

You may also read Twitter’s official Blog and MoPub’s official blog about the deal.

Source: TechCrunch

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