Samsung Smart TV running on Tizen OS might be out as early as next year

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After introducing Tizen on the smartphone earlier this year during Mobile World Congress, Samsung now plans to take Tizen to TV’s. If everything works on schedule, we could very well see TV’s with Samsung based Tizen in 2014.

Boo-Keun Yoon, co-CEO of Samsung and head of the consumer electronics business, first spoke about it to Die Welt, a German publication, saying, “Tizen will run both on some of our smartphones as well as on our televisions and household appliances. So we create an ecosystem in which we can connect all Samsung devices together”, when asked how soon would this happen, he said, “For TVs perhaps as early as next year”.

Tizen was a result of joint efforts by Samsung and Intel. Formerly known as MeeGo, which Nokia and Intel together planned to use it on Nokia’s  future handsets, but as we all know, it didn’t quite work out and Nokia went ahead with Windows platform and in 2011 Intel found a new partner in Samsung, and the product was re-developed and rechristened as Tizen. Samsung phone featuring Tizen OS was showcased at the Mobile World Congress this year.

However, the phone was supposed to launch by July / August this year, which clearly didn’t work out and the launch was pushed back to the last quarter. Samsung co-CEO and head of the company’s mobile business JK Shin spoke with CNET about it, Shin said that they want Tizen on everything as they see it as a “Simple alternative to Android”. Tizen gives Samsung something that Android never will, complete control over the product. And in the same conversation he also made it clear that they indeed want Tizen OS on the TV but is still contemplating its time of launch, saying, “ [We are] considering providing a TV based on Tizen OS, but detailed information including availability will be determined by market conditions.”

And they don’t intend to stop with TV’s; the company says they eventually plan to push it to other industries as well. He said, “There are many convergences not only among IT gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and cameras, but also among different industries like cars, bio, or banks,” and further added, “Cross-convergence is the one [area] Samsung can do best since we do have various parts and finished products.” Although the probability of TV with Tizen OS is high in 2014, Shin said Tizen wouldn’t make its way to cars before at least 2015.

Come 2014, we might see Samsung Phones, Tablets and TV’s featuring Tizen OS. So I guess Samsung’s Smart TV is about to get a whole lot smarter with Tizen OS.

Tizen is a Linux based operating system. While developing it, Intel put some of Meego’s features and functionality in to it while Samsung put some of Bada OS. It is an open source system. It was announced back in 2012. It supports ARM and x86 platforms. You can find more information about on its official website.

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