QuickOffice by Google goes Free, use app and get an extra 10GB storage

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Update: The app is no more be available on the app stores as Google has shut down Quickoffice.

Google just made QuickOffice available for Free, for everyone. It is now available to download for both iOS and Android Phones and Tablets.

All the major companies are finally giving Office suite’s their due importance. Few days ago in the Apple iPhone event, Apple too made their iWork suite free for all the future Apple devices. The iWork suite included Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto and iMovie. And not so long ago, Microsoft too finally made its long awaited Office app available which was previously a Windows-Only app.

To use QuickOffice, you simply need to download its new Android app from Google Play or iOS app from its App Store for free. The old app has been removed from both the stores. To use this new office suite, you need to Sign-In using your Google credentials. It also integrates with your Google Drive.

Google appears to have worked on the number of things about the new QuickOffice. Starting from a fresh new icon, you can now create a .ZIP folder and also view charts in Excel and Powerpoint files. The application works across all the devices, so you can start creating a document on your Phone, save it for later and Carry on the editing from your Tablet, no hassles.

As for Quickoffice Pro or Pro HD user’s, we have not so good news. They are not compatible with iOS 7 and some features may not work. Furthermore, all the cloud storage services will become unavailable after March 31, 2014 for Quickoffice Pro or Pro HD apps. As of now, Quickoffice Pro or Pro HD isn’t even available to download anymore.

Another important Freebie besides QuickOffice is the Free 10GB Google Drive space for 2 years. All you need to do is download the Android or iOS QuickOffice application, and sign-in with your Google Credentials, that’s it. Google promises that they will add an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage to your account for two years. You won’t see the change instantly though, Google says they will do it in next few weeks. To claim your Free 10GB, simply download and install the Android or iOS app through link provided above.  Read the official announcement by Google.

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