Microsoft hoping to appoint its new CEO before the end of this year

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Nokia event on 22nd October event (which will showcase Lumia Windows RT tablet) clashing with now confirmed Apple’s iPad/Mac event is the least of Microsoft worries. After Steve Ballmer announced his retirement plan, the company has been busy dealing with finding a successor for the CEO post. And they want to do it before they close the Nokia Deal and if possible before the end of this year.

The board is said to have already considered many candidates and spoken with some as well. According to Bloomberg report, some candidates have even declined to be considered, one of them being EBAY Inc. CEO John Donahoe.

Other people Microsoft has spoken to include Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally, former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, CEO of cloud venture Pivotal Paul Maritz who is in fact a former Microsoft employee and Tony Bates who is another Microsoft employee among others.

With the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung dominating the marker, they need its present Chief to transfer his responsibilities to his successor without wasting any more time. Unlike some companies, Microsoft employees have so far seen and worked under only two CEO’s, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

They desperately need a new chief who not only understands the company’s present situation but is also capable of strategizing and building a solid plan to stay afloat in the market in future. The surface tablet is nowhere near as in demand as the company expected it to be, deals and trade-in plans also failed to pull enough crowd. The phone’s future too looks bleak. The Nokia deal is only expected to close by the end of first quarter next year, which would require Microsoft to re-plan the future of their cell phones market. According to the 2013 market share report by IDC, Windows Phone at present has a mere 4 percent market share against Android’s 79 percent and iOS’s 13 percent.

The rise of tablet has also led to the year-on-year of Desktops and Laptops, an area where Microsoft still hold largest share thanks to its Windows Operating system. Nevertheless, the company is in dire straits and needs a leader who is not only confident, but also aggressive and a risk –taker to an extent. And hopefully ready to fill in Ballmer’s shoes before his 12 months are over.

Source: Bloomberg

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