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We now live in the era of IT where the work is no more limited to simply working in the office and leaving for home. Everything is on—the-go. Yep. Just like your coffee. And you have your Smartphones and Tablets to thank for. Welcome to the IT era of Cloud computing, BYOD and EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management).

What is BYOD and why should you be using it?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. There was a time when your company gave you a Blackberry which allowed you to reply to your emails, make phone calls outside your work or your office hours. That was nothing but the very initial days or the birth of BYOD. Today we all live in the world of Smartphones and Apps. Now that most of you have your own iPhone’s and Android’s (Yes, Windows Phone too), the company really does not need to give you any device. If your company has their own proprietary mobile app (Eg. CRM) which you use off business hours and always ready and able to resolve your issues on the go, it means your company has already embraced BYOD and you are using it. Techstagram also provides some more details in understanding BYOD. Here’s what Syntonic and Gartner have to say about the BYOD and EMM trend.

  • SyntonicWorld-Wide BYOD usage will grow 20% in 2016, as European BYOD adoption outpaces the rest of the world with a 30% CAGR
  • Gartner – By 2017, Half of Employers will Require Employees to Supply Their Own Device for Work Purposes

Now that we know what BYOD is, let get to discussing its benefits.

Advantages of BYOD

  1. Satisfied Employee – Employees like having the control and the comfort of their own personal devices. And not to mention the hassles of carrying and juggling between more than one devices.
  2. Customer Satisfaction – Getting to resolve the client queries and issues on the go means quicker resolution, saving cost of time & energy, healthier chances of client retention, collaboration with colleagues and client like and staying up to date on projects to name a few.
  3. More productivity – The employees and not confined to just their cabins and desk computers
  4. Cost Effective – The company saves money spent on devices and in some cases even the monthly bills


Is BYOD for you?

A question that has been plaguing a lot of Small and Medium scale businesses. Specifically in cases of such companies, BYOD is capable of providing a solution to many of your problems. As mentioned above, you could save costs (Main priority) since the employees would have their own devices which would also to an extent solve your budget constraints problems, ensure more productivity by making sure that the projects are delivered on time as everyone can connect and collaborate outside business hours, the money saved can be invested within company or for more resources. Byod will you to do nothing but grow. Avoiding it, however, could keep you outdated in the ever and faster growing world of technology. Software Solutions usually used to operate, maintain and manage BYOD are referred to as EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management). The various solutions available are in form of MDM (Mobile Device Management), MIM (Mobile Information Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management), however, EMM usually consists of all these 3. Below are few examples of the vendors which you can choose from according to our business needs.

  1. Good Technology

They are one of the most valued and renowned brand names in the field of EMM solutions, with more than 5000 companies using their software.

  1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Blackberry may not be going through the phase of their life at the moment but they are still regarded as one of the pioneers.

  1. IBM

One of the most reputed companies in the world who probably has a solution for every vertical in the IT domain.

  1. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft office being the most widely used Office suite, and available for mobile as well, Microsoft’s EMS should be taken in to serious consideration.


The above three were only examples with a very brief overview of the numerous options available in the market. Techstagram has listed 20 companies who provide Enterprise Mobility Management solutions which will definitely help you decide to shortlist a vendor who offers a solution most appropriate for your business needs.


The question is not whether or not you would want to adapt to BYOD and deploy Enterprise Mobility Management for your company, the real question is when. With the never ending and ever growing competition, you will be left behind. It is time to pick up that phone, make some inquiries because no matter if you are a small scale or medium scale company, BYOD phenomenon is here to stay and sooner or later you will need it.

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