About Us

DSC_1069Darshik Jariwala is an IT Professional from Canada, with 3+ years of experience and knowledge in various verticals in the IT industry which includes Project Management for website development and SEO, brief stint in Networking and Training for troubleshooting business applications.

His areas of expertise includes:

  • Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • Content Writing and Editing
  • Business Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Marketing

When he is not busy with his full time profession, he prefers writing for Techstagram, where he mostly writes about Cloud Computing, Information Security, BYOD, Social Media & Technology. In his leisure time, he loves Reading, watching Movies, occasional Photography and most of all having coffee with friends.

Below are his Digital footprints. Feel free to connect with him on:

About Techstagram

Techstagram covers important and useful Stories and Information Cloud Computing, Information Security, BYOD Social Media and Technology, Startups and Small Businesses.

Social Media & Technology has become a very important part of everyone’s life. So it is equally important for all of us to know whats going on in the world of Technology. We will put in our best efforts to make sure that the time you spend reading our posts, is worth it.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Security
  • BYOD
  • Social Media and Technology
  • Business (Startup’s and Small Businesses)