Apple reportedly finally testing its much rumoured iWatch?

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Weirdly enough, the rumours of Apple developing a SmartWatch or rather (iWatch as the media and fans fondly call it) have always been around since past few years now, with none of the apple execs ever spoken about it, as far as I recall.

However, according to WSJ, the company is already in discussions with its manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., popularly known as Foxconn for experimenting with this new product.

Unlike the iPhone which revolutionized the way mobile phones were seen before 2007, the “iWatch”, in my opinion wouldn’t exactly be that kind or revolution as Apple isn’t the first company to do it. Pebble has seen success and there is Sony‘s own smartwatch for its android powered xperia phones. But obviously the iWatch will be vastly different, considering that it has the worlds most famous mobile OS, iOS. We can only imagine the apps and features that apple would integrate in it.

The previous generation iPod Nano saw many of its users buying a band for themselves (Third-party manufactured) which almost convinces you that you are wearing a watch by Apple. The company in one of its event even designed customized analog clocks for it, acknowledging the fact that their customers do indeed wear it as a watch.

I am assuming that the health monitoring app by Nike would be there which is already pre-installed in its devices and lets not forget how Mr. Cook likes his Nike+ fuel band. Apart from it, it would probably notify messages and calls, alarm, also they might just throw in Maps, Reminders, Weather and perhaps Siri as well!

The bendable technology is now possible as Corning’s new Willow Glass proves. Google too seems all set to launch Google Glass in no time. Lets hope that we actually get to see new iWatch by Apple before this year end. Not sure how excited the company is but its fans cant get enough discussing about it.

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