Galaxy Note 8, a new 8-inch tablet announced by Samsung

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Samsung didn’t wish to wait for the Mobile World Congress start, which less than a day away. It has just announced the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  Yes, it has an 8-inch display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is more likely a successor to the Galaxy Tab 2.0 which sported a 7-inch screen. So what prompted Samsung to come with an 8-inch device? It is highly probable that the success of other 8-inch tablet, iPad Mini, might definitely have something to do with it. And with Apple who might also be planning to release iPad Mini 2 with retina display sometime this year, maybe Samsung thought this was the best time for them to main a certain lead with the hardware specifications that could match or better the one Apple was planning.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features an 8-inch WXGA display, and a resolution of 1280×800 with pixel density of 189ppi, and surprisingly plans to do away with the AMOLED display. It weighs about 338gms. The insides of the device is said to have a 1.6GHZ quad-core processor, the processor is not confirmed but will most probably be the Exynos 4412. Along with, 2GB of RAM and an internal storage of 16/32GB, and like it’s all other devices, will also have a microSD slot for increasing the storage space. It will carry Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). As for the Camera, the rear one is said to be 5-megapixel and the one in front will have 1.3-megapixel. It will also provide HSPA+ connectivity. The battery provided is a standard Li-ion 460mAh.

And apart from all this, Samsung also plans to provide an upgraded version of the S-Pen. For those who are used to it, the new and refined S-Pen will make writing notes even easier. Samsung also plans to release a new application called Awesome Note along with this device and will also provide the Multi-Window mode feature, which allows you to view 2 applications on the screen, simultaneously. This feature can currently be seen in Samsung Galaxy Note II.

We will have more detailed information about the specifications once Samsung showcases it in Mobile World Congress. And of course, the pricing too hasn’t been released as of yet. All in all, the device looks great and might be worth upgrading if you are planning one. It is said to arrive sometime in Second Quarter of 2013. By releasing the details, Samsung sure has succeeded in gaining attention and curiosity of the people who are looking forward to the Mobile World Congress, which is set to begin in less than a day in Barcelona, Spain.

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