Evernote forces users to Reset Password after the hack attack

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Popular note-taking productivity app Evernote was hacked yesterday. And the individuals or the group responsible for it were able to gain access to the some information, precisely the usernames, email addresses and passwords.

If you are an avid Evernote user, chances are you must have already changed your passwords. If you haven’t yet, try logging in to any of your Evernote app, it requires you to change your password the moment you login.

Evernote CEO and founder, Phil Libin told TechCrunch that, ““We just pushed out a password reset, so the servers are going to be saturated for a bit. Everything is up, although response is choppy. There’s no threat to user data that we’re aware of.” And if you are worried about the payment related information, Libin assures us saying, “We don’t store any user payment info, so no payment info can be compromised”.

According to TechCrunch, Evernote had noted a suspicious activity on Feb 28th, the Evernote spokesperson had mentioned it in their blog, which states, “On February 28th, the Evernote Operations & Security team became aware of unusual and potentially malicious activity on the Evernote service that warranted a deeper look. We discovered that a person or persons had gained access to usernames, email addresses and encrypted user passwords. In our ongoing analysis, we have found no evidence that there has been unauthorized access to the contents of any user account or to any payment information of Evernote Premium and Evernote Business customers.”And they are encouraging the users with any questions or concerns to “contact Evernote support “directly.

If you wish to check the company complete Blog related to this incident,you can read its official blog: Security Notice: Service-wide Password Reset

Update: Evernote appears to have removed the link mentioned above.

Evernote is not the first company to have been hacked recently. And so many recent attacks have also raised quite a few eyebrows. Users have started wondering if there is any company which can be trusdted to be completely safe. Not even the companies themselves have the answer to this question right now. Simply forcing users to reset their passwords after such incident doesn’t necessarily make you safer and neither does it mean that the situation has been dealt with.

Via – Techcrunch

Source – Evernote

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