HitBliss, a startup that will Pay you to watch Ads

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What is it that we hate the most while watching our favorite Movie or a TV show? Advertisements. It is pretty annoying when we are really engrossed in what we are watching and this advert pops up on the screen. We close the ad and rewind the show a bit (If possible). That is what Hit Bliss aims to change.

HitBliss is a new startup which wants you to pay attention to those ads. Why, you may ask. Simple, you will be paid to watch them. They are starting a new service where the users/consumers can earn money and build up balance by watching the commercials they show in between and that money can be used later in HitBliss Store.

 “After all, the only thing that advertisers and content creators have in common is the consumer – founder Sharon Peyer

The service is really quite different from what it sounds. Hit Bliss has partnered with some brands like Aflac, Dr. Pepper, and Liberty Mutual to provide advertisements while the content providers too are big names such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, Starz, and NBC Universal among others. You can also use it on multiple devices and make more money by watching adverts simultaneously on different devices, and the money is collected in the same account.

HitBliss currently offers 2 services;

HitBliss Earn, where you can watch movies and TV shows while also watching out for ads in between. Each advert has a different value (in terms of money) which you have to watch before the countdown is over and the ad disappears. You can also customize these ads based on your preferences. If you don’t like a certain ad or a brand itself, you can let them know and you will never be shown that ad again. And HitBliss pays you every time you watch those ads. HitBliss is available to download on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. However, purchases are available on all except except iOS devices or now.

HitBliss Store is another service, were you can watch TV shows and movies but unlike HitBliss Earn, Store is completely ad-free. You can rent or download the shows for a price. Or maybe you can simply collect the money earned from HitBliss Earn and spend it here to rent or buy your favorite show or a movie.

HitBliss gives you various options in terms of ads displayed on your screen. It functions like Google when it comes to displaying ads, it only displays the ones which it feels might cater to your needs depending upon your activity and history on their site. Apart from paying money to put up their ads, the advertisers are not paying any commission to HitBliss for now, that amount is in-fact directly paid to the consumer watching that ad. Probably because the company has only started and needs to expand by attracting other companies. Its founder, Sharon Peyer quite correctly says, “After all, the only thing that advertisers and content creators have in common is the consumer ” HitBliss is still in its Beta mode and is an invitation-only sign up.

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