Facebook Event Rumor: Instagram may get Video sharing service

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The latest rumor regarding the Facebook event on 20th June, which is 3 days away, is that Facebook could be launching video sharing service for Instagram. Instagram is one of the most widely used Photo-Sharing applications in the market today.

However, this is not the first rumor regarding the event. The previous one stated that Facebook could be launching a news-reading application. The news-reading application would obviously make use of its insanely huge user base and most likely feature perhaps the most shared photos, articles, links or maybe the news on the trending topics. Either way, the possibility of a news-reading application cannot be ruled out, If not this event, maybe the future ones.

If Facebook really is planning the news-reading application, there could not have been a better time. After Google shut its RSS feed service, Google Reader, for which it was widely panned by all users alike, and if that wasn’t enough, an online petition was signed as well. Unfortunately, Google has no plans of reviving. Many companies are in the process of creating and offering the best possible alternative. Digg is planning one, Feedly is already being preferred as one of best RSS reader now. But Facebook, unlike other companies, has an advantage. It won’t face issues in finding users for the service, that they have it in abundance.

One would argue saying the rumor about Instagram with Videos makes more sense. Vine has also been hugely successful, despite its six-seconds limit of video recording. And of-course Facebook too must have thought about it the moment Vine clicked with the users. But personally, I am not so sure about this rumor. The invite specifically mentioned “a new product”, whereas adding a video service in Instagram is nothing but merely upgrading the existing application with more features. So would I place my bets on Facebook launching the video service on Instagram in the upcoming event? Perhaps not.

A video sharing service from Facebook is inevitable. A new application altogether for sharing videos, sounds more apt than simply adding the feature to the application, from the events perspective. With 3 more days to go, more rumors will come in. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source : Techcrunch

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