Amazon launches Cloud Drive mobile app, with limited features

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Amazon cloud users can finally rejoice for they have finally extended the support from Web and Desktop app to Mobile app as well. Quite aptly named as Cloud Drive, the app will be available on Amazon’s Appstore, iOS and Android. 

So the good news is that Cloud Drive users now get the portability to access their files on their phone’s on the go, the bad news is the limited functionality that the app currently offers. While the user is able to access all the stored files and documents, they won’t be able to edit or move any of them at the moment, through the app.  

Although Cloud Drive competes with the likes of Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., it still leaves a lot to be desired. Editing and uploading documents is still only limited to the web and desktop app versions. However, users can still stream Music and Videos from the app. The Cloud Drive app also provides you with the feature to share the links and attachments through emails, messages or through social media.  

Fortunately for Cloud Drive users, one thing they can be sure about is that the company will most definitely improve upon functionality fronts of the app. Secondly, Amazon has decided upon a really great pricing plan which may actually attract a lot of users despite its lack of functionalities or features. There’s a Amazon’s Unlimited Everything plan which lets you store unlimited amount of data for just $60 per year. For people only looking to store Photos, Unlimited Photos plan costs just $11.99 per year 

Besides being available in its own Appstore, the Android app arrived in June, while the iOS app just debuted a little while ago which is yet to formally announced.  

If you think you can manage having the functions (editing, uploading, etc) limited to the web and desktop version, we think Cloud Drive is really worth checking out, especially at this price point                                                                 

Source – Techcrunch

Photo Credit – Simon / Pixabay

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