20 EMM Solutions for companies ready to embrace BYOD

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We recently published a post explaining BYOD, the advantages and risks involved with it. In order to deal with those risks, many companies came out with their own EMM softwares. But before we get into that, lets talk a bit more about what exactly is EMM? What does it stand for and what does it do? How does it benefit a company?

What is EMM?

EMM stands for Enterprise Mobility Management. Owing to the fact that nearly all of the employees and any given organization today have an iOS, Android, Blackberry or a Windows smartphone, they are all connected to the company wifi, using the free internet access for all official purposes and many a times personal reasons as well. The company faces a dilemma of either revoking access for all or providing access to all, which is as scary as it sounds. Even if the company configures the network to provides access to select few, being an employees personal device, company has limited control to take precautions over what the employee might be accessing.

In order to address this problem, organizations used an approach via EMM to create a more controlled and secure environment. The EMM software’s helps look after various aspects of securing the access such as providing access to select few types of devices, access to select few users (employees), controlling which users can have access to certain application, approving select few application to be available for access, users who can or cannot be allowed to transfer sensitive and confidential information within or outside the company premises and more such issues.

There are various software types offered in the market focusing on different aspects. These typically include MDM (Mobile Device Management), MIM (Mobile Information Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management). However, many EMM suites usually encompasses features from all 3 softwares to provide a complete solution within a single software solution. Depending on factors such as company scale (small, mid, large), employee strength, necessity for network access, sharing of information and security level required, a company can find a list of EMM suites to choose from. To break it down for you, we created a list 20 such EMM suites available in the market today to select from.


1. Good Technology

Good Technology is a very well known company in this space for its EMM solutions. The company website states that currently “more than 5,000 organizations in 180+ countries use Good Technology solutions, including FORTUNE 100™ leaders “. The solution is seen as a secure alternative to Blackberry devices, by enabling security for iOS and Android devices, the 2 most preferred and used mobile operating systems. Good Technology is widely praised and appreciated for its EMM solutions. Last year (Nov 2013), they won an award for Good Technology Good Secure Mobility Solution as a Best enterprise security product. You can sign up for a 30 day Free trial.

2. MobileIron

Founded in 2007, the California based company specializes in providing software solutions in MDM and EMM. It enables the organizations to secure and manage devices, apps and content thus helping the company to improve productivity. MobileIron is no stranger to awards and recognition either. For its EMM suite, Gartner recognized MobileIron as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for the years 2011-2013. You may sign up for a 30 day Free trial from this page.

3. Symantec

Symantec offers Symantec Mobile Management Suite which enables and secures mobiles devices for company who are ready or already embrace the BYOD phenomenon. It supports iOS and Android, and enables features like blocking AirDrop and AirPrint for iOS devices. You may check more details about the Symantec’s EMM suite on their official website.

4. AirWatch by VMware

Founded in 2003, AirWatch was acquired by VMware. AirWatch was originally a provider of MDM solutions when they started out. As of today, they also provides solutions in Mobile security, MAM (Mobile Application Management) and Mobile Content Management. It supports all the mobile devices and all operating systems viz., iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and even the now almost obsolete Symbian. Also, Airwatch was recognized as Leader in this years Gartner Magic Quadrant Report. Free 30 day trial is also available.

5. BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Blackberry was at one time a De facto standard in many organization in this arena (Its still prevalent in some too), though its not in one of its best phases now. It was very common for a company to provide some of their employees with a blackberry device which was used for all purposes like communicating, syncing contacts and calenders, emails and documents. To fight the present day dominance of Android and iOS, Blackberry introduced a new device Z10, tailor made with the EMM in mind. Along with BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) version 10, Blackberry devices Z10 devices and above (now iOS and Android as well) separates the user’s workspace and personal on the device in just few gestures. Furthermore, the website states that BES in fact the “lowest cost EMM option based on a 5 year TCO5“. Check the official website for cost and more details about it.

6. Citrix Xenmobile

Xenmobile is Citrix’s EMM offering. It provides MDM, MAM and enterprise grade productivity apps in one comprehensive solution, without compromising security. Xenmobile supports Android, iOS and Windows smartphone’s and tablet’s. Xenmobile can also be deployed on cloud, hosted by Citrix or Citrix strategic partner. You can contact citrix for a free trial by filling out a form on their website.

7. IBM

IBM EMM solutions named Enterprise Mobility offers services like Mobile Strategy and Design Services, Mobile Enterprise Management Services and Mobile Infrastructure Integration and Optimization Services. These services offers features such as acceleration of deployment with strategic planning, management or personally owned as well as company owned devices, and development and management of mobile applications. To know more about IBM’s EMM solutions, you can call, email or have a chat with them; check their website.

8. Dell EMM

Dell’s Enterprise Mobility Management suite offers a flexible and comprehensive solution to securely manage the devices and workspaces. It also provides real time reporting and alerts for devices, apps, content, user access and systems. To know about their services, you can watch the video below or also check their website for more details.

9. McAfee EMM

McAfee EMM solution provides security and management for devices, applications and data in a simplified manner. It is managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) management software which enables enterprises to manage device alongside laptops, workstations, and servers, using the same familiar console and infrastructure.

Update: Since McAfee is now owned by Intel as a part of Intel Security, there have been certain changes to their website as well as products range. As of now, they provide security services for only Apple devices.

10. MaaS360

MaaS360, by Fiberlink Communications offers a cloud based EMM solution. The company originally known as Fiberlink Communications was acquired by IBM in 2013, which obviously makes MaaS360 an IBM company. Being a cloud based platform, MaaS360 is on-demand and multi-tenant. The solution delivers the performance and reliability as any enterprise customer would expect and can also quickly scale mobility requirements change when required. Find more information about their services on their website.

11. CA Technologies

CA Technologies, is a New York based Fortune 500 company. CA Technologies’ CA Management Cloud for Mobility EMM suite is a cloud based solutions which addresses the management, security and scalability needs for a company to embrace BYOD. Find more details at the company’s website.

12. Spiceworks

Spiceworks is powered by Fiberlink Communications, so it offers the MaaS360 EMM solution. However, there is a free and a paid version. Free version with very limited and basic features such as Viewing device’s information, setting alerts and enrolling devices. The paid version, which is powered by MaaS360 offers wide range of features suited for a company ready to embrace BYOD, allowing you to manage and secure devices and apps. Find more details about the company and its products on their website.

Photo Credit – Intel Free Press / Wikimedia Commons


13. SAP

SAP’s EMM suite can manage and secure mobile devices, mobile apps and content on devices running iOS, Android or Windows. It is available both ways, on-premise as well as cloud based. Being one of the largest software companies in the world, there’s no doubt about its service, reliability or performance. Check their website for more details.

14. Microsoft EMS

Microsoft’s  Enterprise Mobility Suite is a cloud based solution. Mr. Satya Nadella made it quite clear that the primary focus of the company would be “Mobile First – Cloud First”. Microsoft released Office of iPhone and iPad after so many years in waiting, despite the public demand. Office 365 is now infact one of their highest selling products. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced their EMS solution for the growing BYOD concerns. The EMS consists of 2 main elements; Identity and access management delivered by Azure Active Directory Premium, MDM and MAM delivered by Windows Intune and Data protection delivered by Azure AD Rights Management Services. To find out more about Microsoft EMM suite in detail, check out their webpage.

15. Motorola solutions

Motorola’s EMM solution, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, provides the suite as per Industry specific, Product Specific, Business need specific and Service for Enterprises.  The Service for Enterprises suite provides assistance right from planning and assessment stages through deployment and later on support stages. To find our more about Motorola’s EMM solution, check their website

16. BMC Software

BMC Software’s software suite enables you to secure and manage the employees’ smartphone’s and tablet’s.  The apps allows you to manage services like ticketing, asset records and service requests. BMC Software’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for mobile device management and mobile apps management. You may apply for a free Demo or Trial from their website.

17. Amtel

Amtel’s EMM solution is cloud based. The first thing anyone notices on their website is the tagline saying “Over 95% Client Satisfaction Rating”. Amtel provides their customers with a secure, multi-tenant application with a private dedicated cloud. It also has a feature called Geofencing, which “helps create a virtual boundary that lets employees have and play their favorite games, but can restrict them at work. It can also prevent employees from clogging up the network by actions such as blocking downloads of HD videos on their BYOD tablets at the work place“. Check their website for more details or a Free trial.

18. Apptec360

Apptec360, a  Switzerland based company, offers an on-premise and a cloud based software solution. Product named Enterprise Mobile Manager, provides security and management across devices, application, network and data. At present the solution supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Furthermore, Apptec offers companies free license for 25 devices, will access to all the important features within the EMM solution. Check the website for further details and registration.

19. Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage allows enterprises to secure and manage all endpoints and devices, including PC and Mac from a single console with their EMM solution. With a feature called Absolute persistence technology, companies would be able to monitor status and take proactive and reactive measures regardless of device location or user. Some more benefits that Absolute Manage offers are Application & License Management, Security, Change and Configuration Management, Automated Patch Management, Asset Inventory, Computer Imaging and Power Management. Log on to their website for more details, live demo or product purchase.

20. Wavelink

Wavelink, founded in 1992, is one of the leading provider of multi-vendor mobile devices, infrastructure management and mobile application development softwares. Wavelink’s Enterprise Mobile Solutions offers packages with specific features suitable to or required by the organizations. You can buy these packages separately or combine them all. Its customers list boasts of big names like Xerox, Cadbury, Cisco, Bridgestone, Boeing, Chrysler, D-Link, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM and Mercedes-Benz to name a few from the long list. Industries ranging from manufacturing to retail, warehousing and field force automation turn to Wavelink for a complete EMM solution. Find more information about Wavelink on their website.

Feature Photo Credit – NEC Corporation of America/Flickr

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3 Comments to 20 EMM Solutions for companies ready to embrace BYOD

  1. Regarding the statement … “These typically include MDM (Mobile Device Management), MIM (Mobile Information Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management). However, many EMM suites usually encompasses features from all 3 softwares to provide a complete solution within a single software solution” …

    First of all there is one missing MDP (Mobile Device Protection).

    Secondly there is a “new kid on the block” that is missing from the list. Pradeo, a Gartner visionary, has developed three unique ground breaking security solutions to combat the growing threat of mobile malware. These solutions are CheckMyApps, AuditMyApps and CheckMyApps API. Pradeo’s solutions are the subject of two world-wide patents and through their Trust Revealing engine are able to:

    • Reveal all potentially risky actions performed by an App.
    • Allow enterprises to deploy their own security policy and check compliance in real time for Apps downloaded.

    If you are an Android user download the FREE version of CheckMyApps and take a look at the threats posed by Apps on your personal device.

    The corporate version is able to provide real-time analytics (within 2-mins), has 24 integrated industry leading Virus checkers, from both a Static (internal source code application binaries) and a Dynamic (running state) perspective and against a pre-defined Security Policy. It will then provide a detailed forensic report in the following three threat categories:

    • Privacy Incursions.
    • Financial Losses.
    • Security Loopholes.

    The future is Pradeo.

  2. We also have an EMM solution with us and use the BYOD solution. BYOD has made things a lot easier for us because we no longer have to buy mobile devices and employees can work better with their own devices. We are number 16 on your list (APPTEC360) and I have to say we are very happy about that!

    • Hi J.Log,

      thanks for your commentary. I’m joining you. We also use Apptec and it was the right decision. The numerous
      functions and ease of use led us to use their software. In addition, the price is very fair.

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